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AC Controller Mounting Options

While I was mounting the flywheel on the motor, I kept tripping over the exceptionally long (10 feet - 3 meters) power cable. I thought to myself, "it's going to be a drag trying to find something to do with all this cable when the car is done - the controller will only be 3 or 4 feet, max, from the motor".
And then, I had a different thought: "what if the controller were placed in the *front* of the car?" I measured from approximately where the motor will go, along the driver's side heater tube, and into the gas tank compartment, and it came out to about 8 or 9 feet. So, it would fit. Additionally, looking at the controller manual, it looks like all the control signals it wants are more easily available near the dashboard than in the engine compartment (you could even consider a short throttle cable and put the potbox in the gas tank compartment). So I tried it. It fits – even allowing some extra height for mounting brackets and the rubber…