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A bit of ancient history

I was reminded of this recently, and thought it was amusing, so I'm sharing it. Check out this article:

It's from the Thursday, January 14, 1971 edition of the Arlington (Virginia) Journal. In it:

The Journal recently asked elementary school children at ClaremontSchool and teen-agers at WakefieldHigh School in Arlington what their 1971 New Year’s resolutions were.In addition, the children were asked what their New Year’s resolution would be if they were President Richard Nixon.

And I was one of the kids who was quoted. Here's my paragraph:

If he were president, first grader Ross Cunniff said his resolution would be to quit and "have somebody else take my place. I’d be tired if I’d been president for two years."

So, you could say, I was one of the first people inside the Beltway to publicly call on President Nixon to resign.