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Scenes from a Window

It's time to play a game I like to call... Scenes from a Window.

Today, on the way back to the hotel from the office, we managed to find ourselves in the middle of a huge pilgrimage - related to the Palkhi Festival. This necessitated a scenic tour through Pune, since the main roads were blocked. So, I got a couple of pictures along the way.

First, a temple (it looks like the god Ganesh peeking through the door there):

Here are a few pilgrims. Many of them carried these orange flags. In addition to the people walking, there were thousands of people lining the route. Quite a cultural experience...

The next morning, I snapped this picture from my hotel window. This being the rainy monsoon season, the air is generally clearer than when I was here in November, so you can see all the way to the mountains (when it is not raining).

In general, I was surprised to find that the summer monsoon climate was not as hot and muggy as I was lead to believe. It was *much* better than Atlanta in …

Back to India

I'm back to India for work this week. I won't have really any time for sightseeing this time, so instead, I will treat you to an installment of "Things I Could See Out My Window"

First, the coast of Greenland - rising out of clouds over the North Atlantic:

Next, crossing the coast of the Caspian Sea:

The fun thing about this trip was that I got to see two sunsets on the same flight. We flew into shadow just outside Chicago, but as we hit the northernmost point of our great circle route, we got back into sunshine, and then sunset just before we landed in Delhi.

A 10-hour layover in Delhi was entirely at night. So, this is what I could see out my window:

And, finally, here are some nice mountains I could see out the window of my car as we drove from Mumbai to Pune:

There may or may not be subsequent installments of "What I Could See Out My Window" for this trip.