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Big Blue Telescope

My previous major obsession before beginning electric carconversions was telescopes. I built two - a 6" f/8 Newtonian (which I ground my own mirror for), and this beast - a 12.5" f/6 Newtonian:

I was getting it out of storage and cleaning it up in preparation for taking it to a Boy Scout troop meeting. And then I realized - this would be a fun model to Sketchup. So I did. Here is an "x-ray" view:
You can find a PDF wireframe of the same perspective view here.

Some statistics:

Weight: 120 lbs (including 40 lbs of steel shot and a 10-lb counterweight at the back)
Height: 84 inches
Primary Mirror Diameter: 12.5 inches / 320mm
Focal Length: 75 inches / 1920mm
Focuser: 2" NGF Crayford-style low-profile
Finder scope: 8x50 with crosshairs

It's not the best scope for astrophotos (no motor drive), but I did do a composite photo of the moon with it a few years ago: