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Never Too Young for Science

My mom came across this 1967 or 1968 newspaper clipping from the Kansas City Star. You can read the caption for yourself, but the reason she saved the picture is because our family is actually in it:

Look just over the right shoulder of Shorty Powers to the mother, father, and child looking on:

That's my mom Donna, my dad Roy, and me. I was three at the time. So, probably, my sister is there too but not visible to the outside world :-)

My family was always very good about nurturing our interests - space, dinosaurs, chemistry, engineering, music, books, you name it. Combine that with the fact that my dad's military career gave us many opportunities for first-hand experiences that otherwise would not have been available - including, during my early elementary school years, monthly visits to the Smithsonian. The result was three successful, engaged adult children.

All kids should be so lucky! Thanks, Mom & Dad.