Hong Kong

I went to China this week for business.  Unfortunately, I did not get much time for picture taking in China.  However, I had one extra day today that I spent in Hong Kong.  Here are the best pictures from my excursions.

I got to Hong Kong about noon.  This is the view out my hotel window:

After getting settled in, I took the ferry over from Kowloon (where I'm staying) to Hong Kong island proper.  I wandered the streets, and eventually  made my way to the tram that took me to the top of Victoria Peak (this picture was actually taken by a professional; I bought a digital copy):

The glowing tower on the far left is the International Commerce Centre tower - 1588 feet - fifth tallest in the world.

I hung around there long enough for the sun to set over the South China Sea:

...so I could take some pictures from the top of Hong Kong by night:

I made my way back to the ferry, stopping for a few pictures on the way.  This is the Legislative Council building with the Bank of China tower (1205 feet to the top of the spires) in the background:

Every night at 8PM, the City of Hong Kong puts on a light show.  This video shows the finale:

And here I am, heading back to the hotel.  Almost time for bed:

On the way back to the hotel, I strolled along the Avenue of Stars - Hong Kong's version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Here is Jackie Chan's star, signature, and handprints:

And, finally, I got back into my room.  Same view as first picture, only at night:

Hong Kong has been an amazing experience; I only wish I had more time to explore.  Tomorrow: the airport and back toward home!


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