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Total Eclipse of the Moon

Last night (December 20, 2010 in Colorado), there was a total eclipse of the moon.  I was watching the weather with trepidation - it had been mostly cloudy all day - and as night fell, I was pretty pessimistic about the chances for seeing anything.  But I dutifully put the telescope outside to cool, and got the camera equipment ready, just in case things cleared up:

Wonder of wonders, the sky cleared up during the eclipse.   There were clouds coming and going all evening, but nothing that diminished the enjoyment of the event.   Here is a shot of the fully eclipsed moon north of Orion, with Taurus and the Pleiades in the shot (and some tree branches in the foreground).  A cloud, illuminated by Fort Collins city lights, drifts in front of Orion.  This was taken with at 18mm focal length on a Canon EOS 40D (1.6x crop factor):

Switching lenses, here is a shot at 100mm focal length on the same camera:

But the real exciting shots were taken through the telescope  a Meade LX90-ACF 8", …

Running for Mayor

Yesterday, I announced that I am running for Mayor of Fort Collins in the upcoming April 5, 2011 city elections.  You can see my website and press release at Ross Cunniff for Mayor.  It should be an exciting few months!

PS - if you want to see my old home page for some reason, look here.