Pune, India

I arrived in Pune yesterday morning after a rather pleasant flight on Jet Airways. They still serve meals on Indian domestic flights... I did not have much of a chance to photo or blog yesterday, but this morning I got up early and wandered around a bit. First, I went to the top of the hotel (Le Meridien), which has a rather nice terrace:

From there, I took some photos of Pune (unfortunately, it is hazier today than it was yesterday - yesterday I could see the foothills of the Western Ghats from here). Here is looking NW:

And here is looking S. Although it looks much hazier, this is a side effect of scattered light because you're looking much more toward the sun:

I finally managed to get a good photo of the Indian House Crow, Corvus Splendens, which is very common. Looks just like an American crow, except for the grey head:

I then took a walk from the hotel to the Sangam Bridge over the Mula Mutha river (you can see both on the map here, I walked from the hotel west to the bridge over the river):

I did pass a small shantytown on the way. Although there is still poverty in Pune, it seems much less prevalent than in the larger cities of Delhi and Agra. This may be an artifact of the part of town I am in (more the commercial center) or it may be because the economy in Pune is booming much more than in the north. Regardless, it is a sobering contrast to the luxurious hotel roof photographed above:


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